Give Yourself Some Love

Sometimes we don't realize we are choosing to feel comfort over confidence. Stay with me and I'll explain this. I live for comfort so this comes from my heart...

Through the last year (or longer!) we've all dealt with some challenges.  In order to compensate for that we've allowed ourselves to get cozy and comfy in sweats, not doing our hair everyday, and being unworried about what we look like in an effort to deal with the stress & to comfort ourselves.  

Don't get me wrong, this is totally okay. But, sometimes that routine of waking up, putting on a another pair of PJs and not even taking a second glance at our hair or skin can be just as harmful to us as the reason we're doing it. 

We slowly lose our self esteem. I know it because it takes stepping out of that zone to even realize it.

Thinking about what would be valuable to talk with you today this all dawned on me. Even though I'm in pjs most days I honestly feel most like my creative, dynamic, confident self when I shower, put on cute jeans and a top and some of my jewelry.  I forget who I am at home in my jammies. Can you relate? 

One form of self care is making sure we give ourselves some self love. If all you can manage one day is putting on your lip gloss, perfect! Putting real clothes (even if they still contain spandex) and a little jewelry and tinted sunscreen makes me feel alive. And, that feels GOOD.  A little foreign lately but I look in the mirror and say... Hey, THERE YOU ARE!

If you have a favorite pair of earrings (the "I Can See Clearly Resin Hoop Earrings" are my go to) they can make a world of difference with any casual outfit and you'll feel great because you put in a little more effort than normal. 

Even just treating yourself to some skincare or doing your hair (or getting a blowout) for once can leave you feeling refreshed and a whole lot better than usual, because let's face it, we've all been rocking the PJ or sweatpants ensemble for most of the past year.

A great way to assist in your self confidence and improve your self-love, is affirmations.

Here are a few choose from:

  1. I am worthy. I am loved. I am enough. 
  2. I am whole just as I am.
  3. I give myself unconditional love!
  4. I feel great about who I am.
  5. My life is amazing!
  6. I have unlimited power.
  7. I believe in myself and my power.
  8. Others love me for who I am.
  9. I treat myself with respect and honor.
  10. People treat me with respect.
  11. I view myself through kind eyes.