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Jan Gardner Plyler Hazel & Indigo


Hi! I'm Jan Plyler, Founder of Hazel & Indigo.

I'm a lucky wife and proud, teen boy mom.  Besides family, which always comes first, I have always had creative and entrepreneurial endeavors. My intention for creating Hazel & Indigo is to make women feel beautiful, appreciated and valued by providing stylish, comfortable clothes, jewelry and accessories that help you feel like your best self. We send every package with love hoping to bring a little magic to your day when you open it.

I drew inspiration for Hazel & Indigo from my love of chic city style combined with the comfortable, carefree ease of resort living. When I was young, I spent many summers in Florida surrounded by family and friends as well as time in NYC. I want to translate those sun kissed days, happy, shop til you drop trips with my Mom and Aunts in NYC & treasured celebratory moments to The Hazel & Indigo Lifestyle. I want you looking gorgeous in your own unique way, feeling relaxed, playing more and being your best self with the people you love.

We value our lifelong relationships with customers and other small businesses we work with like photographers and other creative professionals.  

The Hazel & Indigo woman is effortlessly chic, yet remarkably approachable. She appreciates sophistication, but revels in relaxed style that is fresh and comfortable. The woman who wears Hazel & Indigo is one who seizes the sweetness in life and chooses to celebrate even the small things. She views her wardrobe as an extension of her creative, playful nature.

Let's Celebrate Life Together!

Love & Light,


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Photography: Wildflower Photography